Friday, July 1, 2011

A first...

Today I taught my very. first. ever. since the beginning of time. PIANO. lesson!!!!

About a month and a half ago, my Marmee's friend, Melissa approached me about giving her 9 year old daughter, Delaney, piano lessons.  After thinking and praying about it I decided to go for it!  Since it was her first music lesson we both had a first, along with all the nervousness and anxiety that go with it!  =]

I think it went really well... she already learned a song (which really pleased both her and her mom!) and all about the Grand Staff (I'm not sure how much of this was actually comprehended, but at least she has exposure to it!)

My favorite part was watching her face light up when she played her song - it was so sweet!

Playing her first song together

Playing on her own!

Us two Newbies! =]

I had so much fun teaching (I think I learned as much as she did!) and can't wait for our next lesson!

P.S. Please ignore our messy house... we are getting ready to rip up our carpet and put down laminate hard wood, so it is quite a mess! 


Jenna said...

How sweet! I am sure Miss Delaney was greatly blessed by you!

Love In Christ,


Holly, Delaney and I are honored that you allowed her to be your first "student". What an amazing teacher you are and what a blessing to my family.

Shannon said...

I am so glad that your lesson went well...I am sure that the Lord will use your skill and knowledge to bless that sweet little girl...:)

Many Blessings,

PS~ I have been striving to comment on your sweet blog for a while now, and due to technical issues from my computer I haven't been able to. But now, for the moment at least, I can! So I apologize for how late this comment is, as I have been blessed by your blog often... :)