Friday, July 22, 2011

A photo shoot with pears

Pears... Delicious. Speckled. Green. Goodness. 

I have been wanting some oh. so. badly. the past few days and then my wonderful Marmee surprised me with a perfect pair of pears.. That inspired me to do a photo shoot. =D

A pair of pears..

Glorious morning sunlight..
Blue Jean. Sunshine. Pears.. Happy girl!

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~Kimberly~ said...

You are right Holly, those are perfect little pears...and you took such great photos of them...What a wonderful job you have done on your blog too. I enjoy coming by for a visit whenever I get on the i-net. I get to peek into your day, if for only a moment. Say hi to your family from us.
Must go...much love to you all!
~Aunt Kimi