Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Milestone

One year and twenty-eight days ago I had an idea.  

That idea became a blog.  A blog called Life Unfolding.  Since then I have written 49 posts, and an uncountable amount of words..

And now I am writing more words to add to my collection... this time for my Fiftieth post :)

To celebrate, I decided to share 50 random facts about me... 

Buckle your seat belts.. Here. We. Go.

1. I am a child of God - bought and paid for by the blood of the Lamb!
2. I am slightly addicted to Pinterest
3. The sound of rain makes me happeh
4. Sometimes I get a random urge to use a deep south accent :)
5. Sweet tea is God's gift to southerners... I'm sorry to all my northern friends!
6. I'm an Alabama Crimson Tide girl :)
7. I play piano, and am learning guitar
8. I'm a runner girl - 13.1, here I come!
9. Thrift stores are my best friend
10. I love capturing all things bright and beautiful through photography
11. I have the cutest cocker spaniel in the world... His name is Strykar Higgins :)
12. Most people see me as quiet and reserved... what they don't know is I have a crazy side!
13. I love antiques
14. The color turquoise makes me smile
15. I could read all day and not get bored
16. Ice cream is quite possibly my favorite thing
17. But coffee is a close second :)
18. I love quiet Saturday mornings when I can lay in bed and just think
19. My mother is my hero, role-model, and confidant
20. My sister is my BFF :)
21. Starbucks has way too much of my money!
22. I have chartreuse glasses
23. Someday, I want to go backpacking across Europe
24. I love the beach - but what Florida girl doesn't?!
25. I am half way to 50 ;)
26. I love to laugh
27. I have been home-educated all my life
28. I'd rather sit on the tail-gate of a pickup truck than go to the mall any day!
29. A cup of hot tea and a good book are the perfect complement to a rainy day
30. I don't mind cleaning - as long as I'm in the mood for it!
31. I like to create things
32. I like scarves, purses, and flats
33. I do NOT like heels... they just make my feet hurt!
34. Michael Bublé, Adele, and the Piano Guys are musical geniuses
35. Sometimes I turn on jazz or 50's music and swing around my bedroom :)
36. While we're on the music subject, Kari Jobe is incredible
37. I could actually keep talking about music forever :)
38. I love road trips with my family
39. I volunteer at Freedom Ride, Inc. on Friday mornings
40. I love to bake - cookies, pies, cakes, etc.
41. I just made myself really hungry :)
42. I enjoy thinking about deep, spiritual things
43. My church is amazing - I'm so blessed to be a part of it!
44. I want to learn how to play cello and bass guitar
45. I think adoption is one of the most beautiful things on earth
46. My dream house has a library, complete with comfy chairs, a window seat, and a window that takes up a whole wall
47.  I love whimsy - the word itself makes me happy.. whimsy..
48. Sometimes I pick up an old book just to smell it :)
49. I'm learning to wait on God for His perfect timing... A hard but necessary lesson
50. I'm Holly Lou, and you're 50 random facts closer to knowing me :)

If you read all of those... You are awesome!  Thanks for sticking with me :) 

Here's to another 50 posts!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Milestones are so memorable... to look back on.. to see how the Lord has worked!
I enjoyed reading all of those sweet facts about you... I found myself smiling and thinking "ME TOO!!!" on many of them... :)

Hope to see ya'll soon! We should get together to go to the beach sometime... that would be a delightful time!