Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Healing in His Wings

Miracles, Signs, and Wonders.

How great is the God I serve!  He blesses. He loves. He heals. 
He is all powerful and all able.

Let me explain what I'm talking about.

First, you need to know that I am heavily involved in various ministries as well as school projects, etc. that require much use of my arm.  From playing piano in my church's youth band, to piano lessons - both giving and taking, to classes online, as well as other normal things I do with my hands, I am pretty much constantly using my hands.

 Wednesday night, I played piano in our mid-week service.  

Thursday morning, I woke up with extreme weakness in my right arm - so much so that I could hardly even pick up a pencil to write.  Throughout the day it got worse, until it was no longer weakness alone, but a horrible pain that ran up and down my arm at the slightest movement.  

Marmee gave me a deep tissue massage near my shoulder and we realized I had a knot beside my shoulder blade that was undoubtedly the source of the pain.  

Friday and Saturday I did almost nothing except sit around and read with a wrist brace on.  Not the most exciting thing in the world - even if I do enjoy reading!

Between Thursday and Saturday, I had requested prayer at the prayer meeting we attend each week, my family had prayed for me, and I had prayed for myself.

 As the pain continued to increase, it really felt like God wasn't listening.  In reality, His plan  was just too amazing for Him to heal me immediately - even though He could have with no problem.

Then on Sunday we had an amazing church service.  God's spirit began moving in such a mighty way.  I left my seat and walked down to the altar - not to ask God to heal me - I had already done that, and honestly I wasn't even thinking about it all.  I simply desired to worship Him and glorify His great name.

While I was worshipping, however, I suddenly felt that I needed to pray for my arm to be healed.  

As soon as I thought that, someone came up behind me and laid their hand on my shoulder - right over the knot.  Someone else laid their hand first on the upper part of my arm, then slid their hand down to my forearm, where the pain had been the greatest. 

The two people praying for me had no idea what I was going through - in fact they still don't know.  But that didn't matter... because God knew and that was all that was necessary.

At the same time as this was happening, Marmee was across the sanctuary, praying.  She hadn't been praying for or thinking about my arm, just the same as me.  She suddenly felt impressed to pray for my arm.  When she finished, she opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw was me, surrounded by people praying for me.  She told me later that she knew, at  that moment, that I had been healed.

And I had.

Words cannot express the gratitude and love that wells up in me for God, my healer, who in His rich mercy took away my pain.  And not only that, but He gave me an amazing blessing as I prayed in the Spirit.

I haven't felt so full of joy and peace in so long.  God is so good.  His plan and way is perfect.

There may be trials, and pain, and sorrow in life, but if this healing has taught me anything it is that God is able.  And that He always sees me and loves me unspeakable and is at work in my life.  Even when situations are beyond my understanding, I can rest in the knowledge that He truly will work all things together for good to those that love Him.  

I hope this testimony brings encouragement and light to your life.  Because for me it wasn't just the restoring of use to my arm - it was something from which to gain strength.  

"But to you who fear my name, The Son of Righteousness shall rise 
with healing in His wings..." 
Malachi 4:2


Shannon said...

I am so glad that you have seen the beautiful hand of God working in your life. His love and mercies never cease and always amaze me. How good our Savior is to us!

In Christ,

~Kimberly~ said...

Oh Holly that is wonderful!! Praise the Lord...We absolutely give him glory for all He is!
We love you~

Tammy said...

Jesus is the coolest God EVER!! That is an awesome testimony of His faithfulness and your faith. Praise God!