Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Little Things Photo Challenge [Day 4]

Today, we did a little bit of school (actually, I just played piano for like an hour! =] ), and then went to "Picnic in the Park", an event that my youth group is doing on various Fridays this Summer.  After that, we ran some errands and then came home... and I blogged for FOREVAH!  

Just a few notes:

The little crocheted thingy on the third slide is a coaster that MaKenna made for me... and I LOVE it... a lot.

When we went to U.S. Toy Store, I basically went camera ballistic!  The pictures I posted are about a third of what I took! =]  MaKenna and I were pretty much being the craziest nerds ever...  We laughed for like 5 minutes about the chicken that fell on the ground and "died"! =]  And I love penguins. And unicorns. And random mouse things with awesome rubber hair. HAHAHAHAHA... wow...

And then we went to Walley-World... I don't like that store, but I {h.e.a.r.t} CILANTRO!!! =]

Ok... I am done being random...

From, the random, crazy, ballistic camera nerd,

Holly Lou


Jean Marie said...

Kk, well this was awesome, I must say. First off, you beat me to using Lemonade in a slideshow, so kudos to you! Secondly - you are all too adorable. Thirdly, I think I need that sign about you CAN but you should', on my wall or something. Great life lesson there. I should have remembered that one like....40000 times over through the past 22 years. hahaha.....Fourth - I LAUGHED at some of those toy pictures. Do they really really sell those? and then.....what do you DO with it? ahahahahhaa.....hilarious. Dead chicken.

Oh and one more thing .... love you girls!
~ Jean Marie

Holly Lou said...

hahahahaha... your comment made me crack up for like 5 minutes! Thanks for the smile! =]

Jean Marie said...

You're welcome, sweetness!!!