Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Little Things Photography Challenge [Day 1]

Yesterday Emily Case started a photo challenge.  Her idea is very unique - she wants to photograph the little things about her life - without worrying about making her pictures perfect or worrying about who sees them and what they will think.  I. just. LOVED. this. idea!  So... I decided to join her!  I know I am a day behind, but here we go... my day - In pictures!

First things first - I read my bible and devotionals.  Right now my Marmee and sister and I are reading all the verses about Joy!

Then, I went to wake up my (still) sleeping sister!

Breakfast time!

Smoothies - Lovingly made by Marmee!

My little dog, Maggie... I don't normally photograph her because she is NOT photogenic, but this one didn't turn out too bad (except for the red eye remover!)

My little brother Caleb, sorting his baseball (and other various sports) cards.  This was unique to the day - normally he doesn't pay attention to collecting sports cards!

I love this recipe book!

Our first tomato - not very big, but that's okay!

In addition to the tomato, our marigolds have also bloomed beautifully!

School today included bible, history, math, web design, exercise, and...

With our lunch (quesadillas) we had a special treat - Coke is special to us because rarely have it!

I love our new little cups from Ikea!

A trip to the library [where I found this amazing book!] and choir practice finished off my day.

Except for...
My favorite-est,  "only buy on sale" ice cream! =]

So far, I am loving this photo challenge - it's a nice change to just take pictures of whatever and not have to worry about every little detail being perfect!  If you want to join in on this challenge, read Emily's post about it!    


Jean Marie said...

LOVE IT! good job!!


Emily said...

That cook book looks like so much fun! And ice cream... oh how I love ice cream. Blue Bell is really tasty :D

(I just realized my first sentence has "ook" in it three times in a row... hahaha)

MaKenna Morgan said...

Ok - I just have to say in my defense, I am NOT normally still sleeping at 7:30 in the morning!! The Storms kept me up until 2ish... And my Hair isn't usually that crazy. OK, so it is sometimes! Great Job Deary! Ice cream sandwich party is sounding better and better!