Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Little Things Photography Challenge [Day 2]

Ok, I know this is a day late, but after we got home from church last night, I just didn't have time to post - please forgive me!! =]

For Day 2 I decided to try to make a video of all my pictures.  I have never done this before and have had so much fun that I think I'll do every time I get a chance! =]

A few notes:

The grass looking stuff near the beginning are scallions... A couple of weeks ago, I want to get an onion out of our fridge, and one of them had sprouted!  We decided to plant it, just to see what would happen.  So far, it hasn't done a lot, but it is a TON greener - before it was more of a yellowish color - and it is a tad bit bigger!

The little white vase is another "experiment".  Marmee has ivy growing in a vase on top of our fridge, and she trimmed it up and gave me a piece.  I am hoping a root will grow, but so far no sign of one, although I think it has a new bloom!! **YAY!!**

Our New Series in Reverb (youth) is "3D" - Making DAILY DECISIONS to be DEVOTED to God!  I am so excited about what God is going to do in my youth group this Summer - I know, because it comes from HIM, it will be incredible!

Much love from,

Super excited, somewhat computer geek, completely in love with Jesus,

Holly Lou


Emily said...

Your dog is adorable! Loved the slideshow :)

Jean Marie said...

I know! Making videos is so fun! I might be tired of them by the end of the week though. haha.....oh man, Spice Cake! that sounds so good.....