Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer - Projects??

Summer is here - with all the stifling heat that comes with it!  Everyone seems to be asking my family when we will finish our school year and take a Summer break... The answer? We aren't! =]

Yes, it's true... and honestly, I am excited about it!

So this Summer I am doing:

  • History (Tapestry of Grace)
  • Math (MathUSee)
  • Web Design 2 (FLVS)
  • Spanish 1(FLVS)
  • AP Macroeconomics (FLVS)
  • Music (Piano, Band, and Voice)
We decided to work through the summer for several reasons.  First, as I approach the end of High School (I'll be a Senior next year!) I need to complete our History curriculum by this time next year - and at this point we have about a year and a half left to get through before graduation!  Second, we simply get bored when we have no school to work on, so we decided to just continue through the summer.  We will still take breaks if we want to go to the beach or something, though!

So that's what we are doing this summer, along with a whole bunch of other stuff!  What are you and your family doing this summer?

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